1. Introduction

What is Higgs?

Higgs is an interactive Semantic Web Reasoner capable of building an API-first Web of Data. Higgs integrates data, schema, user and API management into a simple, harmonized API with real-time intelligence that can transform data and apply knowledge and information to it. Higgs' native I/O is REST and all communications are done via Higgs' REST API.

On-demand, Self Serviced Back-End

Higgs is a complete application back-end solution. Users can fully manage their own schema, data content and web services while being supported by Higgs' reasoning algorithms and automated management.


Data Warehouse-as-a-service

Higgs provides an on-demand, self-service cloud Data Warehouse. Data on Higgs is always managed as a rich Knowledge structure (JSON-LD), making Higgs an excellent solution for warehousing and building Knowledge bases. Higgs removes the need to install, configure, manage and/or code a Data layer. Higgs can manage both unstructured (Class, Relation, Thing, Property) and structured (Schema and Entity) on it's Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Real-time Schema management

    POST /Class/Author
    POST /Class/Author/Coder
    POST /Relation/Author/name?range=string
    POST /Relation/Author/nativeLang?range=Locale/lang
    POST /Relation/Author/stack?range=list
    GET  /Schema
      "@id": "{accountId}:Schema",
      "classifications": [
      "relations": [
  • Real-time Entity management

    POST /Thing/Author/FelixDubé
    POST /Thing/Author/JasonReinert
    POST /Property/Author/JasonReinert/name?range=Jason
    POST /Property/Author/JasonReinert/knows?range=Author/FelixDubé
    GET  /Entity/Author
  • Simple and intelligent importing and exporting.
    POST /account/autoRentals/Car/call/upload-csv
    "Model S", "85,000 USD", "RWD"
    "Model X", "105,000 USD", "AWD"
    POST /account/autoRentals/Car/ModelS/call/import
    { "export": "account/Tesla/Auto/Models/S" }
    GET /account/autoRentals/Entity/Car/index/call/download
  • On-demand discovery
    GET /Search/Entity?text=Code
    GET /Search/Schema?text=Code&types=[Property]
    GET /Entity/Person/Author/Coder?props=[name,stack]


All communication is handled via a REST API. Everything you create, will automatically be available as a CRUD API Endpoint which you can manage and give Client access to.

API Management Features:

  • Automated REST API Endpoint creation.
  • Real-time management of private and public API Services.
  • Multi-tenant consumer management
  • API-ready Taxonomy, Ontology and Entity Development and Management.
  • Machine-friendly Hypermedia endpoints.

Real-time Intelligence

Using Semantic Web Technology, knowledge bases and machine intelligence, Higgs can apply on-demand or infered data model coercion on each Request while providing fallback programming on anonymous data.

  • Automated Schema creation.
  • Real-time validation.
  • Precise data model transformations.

Consider the following API call to Create a new Entity:

POST /account/jay/Entity HTTP/1.1
Host: higgs.online
  "@context": "https://higgs.online/account/{accountKey}",
  "@id": "this-account:Entity/Person/JasonReinert",
  "firstName": "Jason",
  "age": 35,
  "homeTown": "Ottawa"

If Account jay did not define a Schema for this data, and since Higgs does not allow any data to be saved without a defined Schema, Higgs will program a best-infered one for you:

[#] Schema Definitions missing...auto generating required Schema members.
CREATE Class Person
CREATE Relation Person/firstName?range=string
CREATE Relation Person/age?range=integer
CREATE Relation Person/homeTown?range=string
[#] Continuing creation of Entity Person/Author/JasonReinert...

Either way, Account users are always able to manage their Schema to their exact specifications:

POST /Relation/Person/firstName?range=smallLabel
POST /Relation/Person/age?range=positiveInteger
POST /Relation/Person/homeTown?range=Geo/City

Semantic Web Architecture

Higgs is an implementation of W3C Semantic Technologies as a Cloud development environment. Enabling authors to quickly build rich Linked-data models via it's Definition constructs: Literals, Classfications and Relations. Definition Resources make up an Account's Schema Layer.

A quick example of Schema building using the Higgs API:

POST /Class/Person
POST /Class/Person/Author/Coder
POST /Relation/Person/firstName?range=string

GET /account/jay/Schema

  @context"": "https://higgs.online/account/{accountKey}/",
  "@id": "Schema",
  "classifications": [
  "relations": [

Data must be constructed from a Schema Layer component.

POST /Thing/Person/Author/JasonReinert
POST /Property/Person/Author/JasonReinert/firstName?value=Jason

GET /account/jay/Entity/Person/Author/JasonReinert

  "@context": "https://higgs.online/context",
  "@id": "this-account:Entity/Person/Author/JasonReinert",
  "firstName": "Jason",
  "lastName": "Reinert"