Manage and own all your data in a single backend.

Higgs Platform is a complete end-to-end data solution for the cloud where users take control of their data managing who and what can integrate with it. Higgs API is an interactive AI with all the tools and services needed for content creators, providers and consumers.

Welcome to the Future Web

Higgs is a multi-discipline friendly environment that provides a state-of-the-art application infrastructure for all users. Stop repeating overhead of puting your data on the web and begin building your web of data.

Cloud Manager

Empower domain ownership and manage your real-time application metadata and data directly without the need of any technical support. Manage information and knowledge life-cycles with analytical users.

Cloud Developer

Architect a Graph data model live and in real-time. Based on your metadata, Higgs automatically generates a hypermedia REST API, no need to worry about HTTP configurations and API Infrastructure.

Cloud Analyst

Build, edit, share and integrate your own Data Warehouse in the cloud. Contribute and/or interlink with our Open Data Network to enrich your knowledge base within the Giant Global Graph. All data is distributed using Semantic Web technologies and a Linked Data knowledge structure.

Easily Integrate with the World

With Higgs, every Schema is automatically a fully manageable API Service and each Data value is Linkable as it's own API endpoint. Manage user access to your Schemas to start integrating your data into any Application or Service.