Complete Control

The simplest way to build, store, service and share your public and private data sets in real-time. Higgs automatically takes care of the IT infrastructure and Backend Services.

Master your domain

Removing the concerns of IT support, application backends, multiple data systems, interoperability, interchange and integration allows you to focus strictly on your business models and information.

Master Configuration

Higgs is an all-purpose data management platform. Any domain knowledge and all information can be organized, configured and shared. Stop juggling endless amounts of management backends and spending your time and resources on complex integrations.

Plug and Play

Plug your domain knowledge and information into to any web-enabled application and/or device and gain full control in one easy-to-use platform. All connections can then be centrally managed on your own device.

IT Services Built-in

Administrate your own business domain without the need of technical support. Knowledge Discovery, Linked Data Hosting, Data Transformation, API management are all available on your command and in real-time.

Own your Data

Manage, distribute and analyze all your data and metadata on one single platform. You control your Intellectual Property on Higgs and are free to distribute, lock and export your schemas and data at anytime.