Build the Web of Things

Higgs allows authors to build Rich Data Models as Linked Data using an Interactive REST API. Build, edit and search all your application data models and data sets in the cloud.

Interactive Development Environment

Interact with the AI Reasoner via the Higgs REST API for intelligent and automated data management, transformation, interoperability and publishing.

Web API Everything

Higgs allows you to exclusively interface with rich data models in a completely CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) transactional environment. Integrate your Higgs Account into any web application to quickly build backend and frontend interfaces and views.

Program without the Code

Interactively build your data model in real-time and, based on your metadata model, Higgs automatically generates a hypermedia-API for your data model and data sets. Use our Account API to manage Client access .

Data without the Base

Higgs uses a secured data store built on top of our cloud server infrastructure to preserve your data without having to set up or maintain a database or data access layer. No need to worry about database servers, database schemas, database connectors, database scalability anymore.

Code using a single Data Architecture

When using Higgs, there's no longer a need to independently build, deploy and maintain expensive and complex database, data access and API environments. Higgs uses the Semantic Web to define, describe and power data and metadata as Hypermedia endpoints. Just upload your data and instantly be able to integrate your Knowledge Graph and Data API into applications.